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Spinlab offers to its customers 6 others blades for every type of game and need, in collaboration with the company TTTOP which manufactures its blades in Hungary. We are pleased to announce that from today we can provide our customers with 6 TTTOP blades as variations of our leading blade SHOCK!.

The TTTOP blades are manufactured in Hungary with Italian high quality wood and offer a wide range of possibilities.

TTTOP offers 6 types of blades:

a) Green Def+

b) Aqua Allround

c) Thunder Off-

d) Thunder Carbon Off-

e) Fire Off

f) Tornado Off+

Some blades also offer a variation of the Shape handle (pear shaped) that gives a slightly bigger plate and offers stronger and more precise hits, because of the weight balance at the tip.

All of the blades and their respective details are available in the “Store” section of the website.

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