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After many tests and experiments, Spinlab is pleased to announce that the yellow foam rubber is now on the market.

Spinlab has been eager to meet your requests to find a very slow foam rubber, slightly harder than the red one and has therefore released the slow Yellow foam rubber, available in 2 sizes (2 mm and 1 mm), and the medium speed Yellow 2 mm foam rubber.

The foam rubbers and their respective videos are available in the “Store” section of the website.

The slow Yellow foam rubber is specifically suited for those looking for a rubber that’s faster than the red one, but with more inversion and disturbance. We recommend the 1 mm version for those who love more rigidity and speed. The medium speed Yellow 2 mm foam rubber offers the possibility to have an Antitop rubber with great inversion and excellent orientation toward the offensive. All you have to do is try them!

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